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Quiz : What Should Your Life's Ambition Be?

What Should Your Life's Ambition Be?

Are you an indoor or outdoor person?
A little bit of both

Do you like sleeping in?
Sometimes. It depends on the week I've had

Which image excites you most?
This. I want this!

Which word best describes you?
Patient. I guess. 

Which of these things is most important to you?
The safety of all humankind. 

Choose a travel destination
Nature. Nature good for your health. 

In your spare time you are...

Which of these famous people would you like to have dinner with?

I prefer J.R.R Tolkien. (Kita sembang pasal Hobbit!)

Complete this line: "Kids _____."
Are fun and awesome

 Which of these TV shows would you like to watch?
Sherlock . Thumbs up. 

Give your personal creativity a letter grade:

What were your best subjects in high school?
History and Geography. (Paling tak suka subjek ni, tapi Cikgu yang mengajar best)

Are you a night or day person?

Result :
Hahaha. Rasanya saya kena siapkan "Bayu Impian". Tapi ilham belum sampai lagi.  Sebut pasal cita-cita memang 2 ni jadi pilihan dulu iaitu Doktor dan Cikgu. Tapi rasanya dua-dua saya tak minat. Saya lebih minat melukis dan buat cerita.  Well, the futures not ours to see. Just follow the path. 

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